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21 ноя 2018, 07:12
Форум: Игры для GBA
Тема: Обсуждение The Huge Adventure
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Re: Обсуждение The Huge Adventure

Loved that game but there was one issue, After you die after collecting the power crystal in the end of the level , unlike most traditional crash games , The game doesn't mark the power crystal as collected. I think they fixed that in N-Tranced
21 ноя 2018, 07:04
Форум: Фан-арты
Тема: Фан-арты SemdeSmir`a.
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Re: Фан-арты SemdeSmir`a.

very funny
25 сен 2018, 06:49
Форум: Прочее фанатское творчество
Тема: Каверы и ремиксы
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Re: Каверы и ремиксы

Wanna see a remix a friend of mine made. Will be posted here soon
25 сен 2018, 06:44
Форум: Отмененные игры
Тема: Crash Landed
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Re: Crash Landed

Really wished that game seen the light of day

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